Conscious cleaning

Following on from my earlier post this month when I talked about spring cleaning our bodies, today I have been spring cleaning my home like crazy.  It’s not an activity that excites me but it is a necessary one and today I put in a little more effort than usual as the mood grabbed me.

What on earth has housework got to do with yoga, you may wonder.  Well, it’s how I was cleaning that made me think about writing this blog.  I intend for my blog to reach beyond the physical practice of yoga to how we can be more conscious in our daily lives.  So here it is…if we are inclined to look after our bodies by choosing to eat healthily, take regular exercise and attend yoga classes, then it would be a shame not to look after our environment in the same way.  Toxins enter the body in many ways apart from the obvious route of what we eat and drink.  Environmental toxins can wreak havoc on our bodies too.  What we put on our skin and what we clean our homes with should also be considerations in healthy living.

It was some time ago that I ditched the chemical cleaning products I used for something a lot less toxic for my environment.  As an allergy sufferer, this was a welcome shift for me.  I now use distilled vinegar for a lot of my cleaning around the home – in the bathroom and kitchen.  It is wonderfully cheap and an incredible cleaner for everything from glass to stainless steel to kettle descaling.  I know it’s 100% vegan and that, if any residue is left, I don’t need to be concerned about my cats coming in contact with it (antibacterial cleaners are potentially fatal if ingested by our pets).  OK, the smell in my bathroom after I’ve just cleaned is reminiscent of my local chippy, but it soon fades and if that idea bothers you, just add some lemon juice to your vinegar.

My other revelation was discovering No More Chemical products.  I was a sceptic but after I tried their range of antibacterial microfibre cloths there was no going back.  Another great and inexpensive way to detox your home.   Here is a link to the website

Of course, by doing away with chemicals in your home, you are also being much kinder to the environment as you are not flushing chemicals back into the water system.  For me, this attitude is another way I can live consciously off my yoga mat and support my vegan lifestyle.

My final thought, domestic chores need not be filled with boredom or irritation if we practice mindfulness whilst we are doing them.  Mindfulness is being fully absorbed in whatever activity we are doing; a way to quieten the endless stream of  mental chatter and develop our concentration (dharana), one of the eight limbs of yoga according to Patanjali.

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