Thinking about taking a yoga holiday?

I am very excited to be teaching on another yoga holiday in 2013.  This time I am venturing to the beautiful Greek island of Crete for a week of Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, pranayama, meditation and relaxation from 3rd to 10th September.  Please see the holidays page for more information and booking details.

If you have never taken a yoga holiday before, you may have many questions about what it is like and if it would be right for you. So in this blog post I will try to answer some of the questions I am most commonly asked about the holidays I offer.

Q: Are yoga holidays and retreats the same thing?
A: The yoga holidays I teach are holidays with two yoga classes included a day, with one day a yoga-free day.  Retreats on the other hand, are usually intensive and may involve up to 7 hours a day of practice and study. Usually yoga students are encouraged not to engage in any external activities during the retreat. Retreats generally work on a deeper level mentally, emotionally and spiritually so can be challenging in these areas.

Q:  What happens during our free time?
A:  The great thing is, there is no agenda!  So you can completely enjoy a week of no decision making and just enjoy each moment as it comes.  On some of my previous holidays the most difficult decision of the day was where to put your sunbed or whether to nap indoors or by the pool!  Or you may choose to be active and explore the local area independently or as part of an organised excursion.

Q:  What is the food like?
A:  Food is seen as an important part of the holiday and rightly so; eating well ensures that we are nourishing ourselves from the inside and out.  Food included will always be vegetarian, healthy and plentiful with a large buffet brunch served after the morning’s yoga.  Included evening meals are eaten after the late afternoon yoga session.  Snacks are available to purchase during the day either at your venue or at a local cafe.  Some evening meals may not be included so you are free to venture to a local restaurant.  Tea and coffee may be available for you to help yourself at any time and for those that enjoy a glass of wine with your evening meal, this is usually available to purchase.

Spectrum Yoga Centre - one yoga holidayQ: Will the level of yoga be suitable for me?
A: On my holidays, all levels are welcome. I teach a specific style of yoga e.g. an energetic flowing Vinyasa class in the mornings. This may be a challenge for some but in all my classes there will be modifications for all levels so that everyone can join in and of course you can take a rest when you need to. If you have any physical limitations or injuries you should consider beforehand whether the style of yoga will be suitable for you at this time.  I am happy to offer advice if you are unsure.

Q: I’ve never taken a holiday by myself before and have doubts about being a single traveller.
A: The beauty of a yoga holiday is that you will meet like-minded people and make new friends. Most students I have taught on holidays have booked as a single traveller. Single rooms will always be available although they may be limited so early booking is advised. If you book a twin you will be teamed up with another student of the same sex.

Q: What if I want to bring a companion who doesn’t want to join in with the yoga?
A: Do check the individual holiday information but many offer a discount for non-yoga companions (this is the case for Crete 2013), so you can still enjoy having a week away with your partner/spouse/friend but you also get to enjoy the yoga yourself.

Q: What are the benefits of taking a yoga holiday?
A: You will deepen your yoga practice and reap the benefits of a twice daily practice* If you do not usually practice daily, you will notice that your strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration will improve substantially. For me as your teacher, it is always a very rewarding to see these changes unfold during the week with many students overcoming challenges in their practice that they thought not possible to achieve.  You may be introduced to ideas and techniques that are not usually touched on in a class at home e.g. pranayama and meditation. Maybe you will be inspired to keep up a daily practice when you get home.  One thing is for sure, you will return home feeling wonderfully relaxed, restored and perhaps having had time to reflect on life. And of course, you will have lots of fun, make friends and spend a week in a beautiful setting. If you need any more convincing, you can read comments from students from some previous holidays on the holiday archive page.

* on my holidays one day in the week is yoga-free

So take a look at the yoga  holidays page to find out more about Crete 2013 and you will also find archives from previous holidays.

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