Yin Yoga


New Yin Yoga course for 2015 

Discover a new approach to your yoga practice.

Thursdays 5.15 – 6.30pm

Brighton Natural Health Centre


Course starts Thursday 8th January. Drop in places may be available.



What is Yin Yoga? It is a quiet, meditative practice of floor based postures held for time.

Unlike other styles of Hatha yoga in which we mostly strengthen and lengthen our muscles with dynamic movement and shorter holds, in Yin Yoga we consciously relax the muscles around the area we are working – mainly the spine and pelvis – allowing us to shift the focus to the deeper connective tissues of the body, the ligaments and fascia. Joints are kept mobile and stable.

As each posture is held for time, we have the opportunity to unravel deep seated tension in the body that is not reached in a more active practice. With mindful awareness, we cultivate the conditions for a deeply meditative experience in a practice that can be as challenging as it is relaxing.

Suitable for students of all ages and abilities, Yin yoga is a great complement to other styles of yoga and physical disciplines.


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