Qi Gong & Yin Yoga workshop: Stability, grounding & letting go


Saturday 11th September 2-5pm

Brighton Natural Health Centre

with Jeremy Marshall & Ginny Haswell

Our next workshop together will embrace the qualities of the earth element which corresponds to the transitional period between the yang and yin seasons as we approach the autumn equinox.

In harmony with nature, this is the time to release burdens and attachments; to find balance between giving our energy to others and nurturing ourselves.

Jeremy will introduce the theme of exploring the earth element through Qi Gong practice. The practice will aim to develop a sense of our centre and then explore this feeling through movement, as well as explore what it means to feel our own and others structure. We will finish with a Qi Gong combining sound and awareness, essentially using vibration to explore the structure of our bodies. 
Ginny will guide the Yin Yoga practice of postures which nourish the spleen and stomach meridians, with an emphasis on moving from our centre, rooting our foundation and letting go of unnecessary effort.
You will leave this workshop feeling grounded, spacious and balanced.

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre map

Cost: £28 / £25 conc.
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For more information on Jeremy, please visit his website http://acupunctureandtaichibrighton.com/


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