Earth Element workshop: Yin, Yang and Myofascial Release

Sunday 3rd Sept. 2-5pm

Brighton Natural Health Centre





As the carefree and spontaneous long summer days draw to a close, feelings of resistance or difficulty may arise as autumn approaches.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the season of late summer through to the autumn equinox relate the the Earth element and this will be the theme for the afternoon.
Practices will include meditation, mindful movement in simple flowing (yang) sequences and yin yoga with some self myofascial release.
Focusing our intention on rooting, grounding and moving from our centre, we are able to nourish the qualities of the Earth element and it’s corresponding organs, the spleen and stomach.
You will leave this workshop feeling nourished, grounded, at ease and ready to embrace the change of seasons.
Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street, Brighton BN1 1UL map
Bookings: please click here to book online or contact the Brighton Natural Health Centre on 01273 600010.
Cost: £28 / £25 conc.
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