Qi Gong & Yin Yoga | Taking in & letting go with Ginny & Jeremy

Sunday 29th September 2019 ~ 2 – 5pm

at Brighton Natural Health Centre with Ginny Haswell and Jeremy Marshall

In Chinese philosophy the Autumn is associated with the Metal element. This workshop will combine Yin Yoga and Qi Gong practices to help balance our metal element and leave us lighter, and more comfortable physically and mentally. So what would you like to let go of?

The metal element is represented in the body by the lungs and large intestine, organs both concerned with taking in nourishment and letting go of what does not serve us. It is this quality that is the essence of metal and the focus of this workshop.

Jeremy will focus on exploring sound in Qi gong. Firstly through the practice of ‘fan song gong’, a method to dissolve physical and mental tension in the body and then, secondly, through the practice of ‘old man in tide pools’ which releases stagnation through the lungs, heart, liver and spleen. Sound by its very nature resonates with the breath the lungs and the metal element.

Ginny will firstly lead a pranayama practice, allowing us to connect with the nourishing and releasing qualities of the metal element through the refinement of our breath. Then lung and large intestine meridians will be stimulated through Yin yoga poses that open the chest and shoulders.
You can read more about Jeremy on his website: acupunctureandtaichibrighton.com
Price: £30 | Open to all including complete beginners to Qigong or Yoga.

Book now: online or call BNHC 01273 600010.

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street, Brighton BN1 1UL. map

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