About Ginny


My journey

I attended my first Hatha yoga class in 2000 as I was looking to become more flexible and comfortable in my body and to enjoy some relaxation. I have always enjoyed movement since childhood – dance classes, swimming and lifesaving – but in my twenties, regular visits to the gym, pounding away on the treadmill and circuit training were not doing it for me, something was missing.

I had read articles about yoga and was really curious to try it out. After just a few months I began to observe positive changes in myself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level in ways that were much more profound than I had imagined; learning that there was more to yoga than breathing and postures! I embraced these transformations and from that very first class, I attended yoga twice weekly.

After a few years of regular practice, I tried Astanga Vinyasa yoga under the guidance of a great teacher and was immediately drawn to the meditative flow of the practice and the discipline it instilled. The challenges and rewards I encountered helped me to learn a lot about myself and my place in the world. Now my yoga practice had become a way of life.

Astanga Vinyasa served me well for a decade but I have now stepped away from this to enjoy the freedom of practicing what I need when I need it. Some days a sweaty and vigorous Vinyasa Flow hits the spot, others a mellow and stretchy Hatha practice. I practice Yin Yoga several times weekly and meditate daily. I also maintain balance in my body using self myofascial release and incorporate stabilising work with Pilates based exercises.

Yoga, to me, is a journey of self awareness through which I have the tools to maintain balance in all areas of my life. I adjust my practice and lifestyle to nourish me through the ebb and flow of life, the changing of the seasons and my ever changing body! I have learned to be non-judgemental towards myself and others, to be compassionate and grateful; to stand up for what I believe in and to let go of wanting others or circumstances to be a certain way. It has taught me that happiness does not come from material possessions or for life to be going ‘my way’ (does it ever!) The truth is that peace and harmony come from within myself.

My teaching

I began teaching in 2007 after completing Astanga Vinyasa teacher training 424 hrs (registered at 200 hrs with Yoga Alliance), Brahmani Yoga, Goa 2006.

My current teacher is Tiffany Cruikshank and I am studying on her 500 hour Yoga Medicine program. I have completed the following modules:

  • Hip anatomy & biomechanics: (25hrs) London 2014
  • Shoulder anatomy & biomechanics: (25hrs) Orlando 2015
  • Chinese Medicine & Myofascial Release: (60hrs) New York 2016

Other studies include:

  • British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course, Brighton 2003
  • Yin Yoga & anatomy Teacher Training with Paul Grilley 40 hrs, London 2011
  • Vinyasa Flow teacher intensive with Shiva Rea 40 hrs, London 2012
  • Yoga as Medicine with Dr Timothy McCall 40 hrs, London 2014

I currently teach Hatha (including Over 50’s & Over 60’s) and Yin Yoga classes with myofascial release in Brighton, Hove & Worthing. Since 2010 I have also been teaching workshops locally and yoga holidays abroad. I have a regular base of private clients.

My teaching style reflects my knowledge and passion for anatomy, sound alignment in asana, Chinese Medicine, mindfulness and self-myofascial release. My classes are informative yet lighthearted. Many years of teaching yoga to a broad demographic has allowed to me to recognise that no two bodies are the same; that each time we come to our mat we are starting from a different place, whether that be physically, energetically, mentally or emotionally. From this understanding I place an emphasis on individual attention and encourage each student to explore their own practice with a mindful and honest approach.