Focus for January

The focus of January’s classes is on detoxifying the body and stimulating the digestive system with specific yoga postures and breathing practices. Perfect for restoring balance and health to our tummies after the indulgences or inactivity of the festive season.

Any yoga practice helps our bodily systems to function more effectively, but by practicing specific yoga asanas we can shift the focus to our digestive system. Our organs will be massaged by the ‘squeeze and soak action’ that we create when compressing and releasing, for example, in a twisting posture. I like to use the metaphorical image of a wet sponge being squeezed of water so that it is then able to soak up fresh water. This action allows nutrient-rich blood to bathe the organs, encouraging the removal of toxins and waste products from our system.

Yoga asana can also help to strengthen the organs of the digestive system, helping to alleviate indigestion, bloating, constipation or lack of appetite.

Yoga cultivates self-awareness. In terms of looking after our digestive well-being, we may find that our increased self-awareness allows us to make better choices about what we are putting into our bodies…you may find yourself considering ‘do I really need to drink this glass of wine / eat those chips / go back for seconds?’ We can tune in and listen to our bodies and what they need (or don’t need!) and from personal experience I find that I make healthier choices because my body will thank me for it.

Above all, dedicating some time for a yoga practice will help us to relieve stress, which can be a major contributing factor in an upset tummy or compromised digestive system.


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