The Water Element: Yin/Yang Yoga & Myofascial Release workshop

Winter Trees at Sunset

Saturday 28th January


at The Float Spa Hove


As the post-festive season gives way to the depths of winter, do you feel tired, cold, inert, lacklustre or stagnant?

In this workshop we will work with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Five Element Theory to help balance our body and mind for a brighter perspective.

Winter, the most Yin of the seasons, corresponds to the water element and is governed by the kidney and urinary bladder organs. It is this time of year that we should make time to balance the busyness of our daily lives with periods of rest and introspection.

Through movement, we will gently build circulation and warmth to nourish our joints and release feelings of rigidity in body and mind. As we cultivate the fluid nature of the water element in our Yang practice, we can allow ourselves to soften so that we are able to flow through the rest of the winter, feeling less ‘stuck’ and instead, open to the possibilities of new beginnings that await in spring time.

ButterflyA quiet, mindful practice of Yin Yoga poses will be complemented with self myofascial release to stimulate the kidney and urinary bladder meridians. These practices will help to release lower back and knee stiffness whilst allowing time for reflection.

You will also learn helpful advice for supporting your health and wellbeing this winter from a Chinese Medicine perspective.


Venue: The Float Spa, 8 Third Avenue, Hove BN3 2PX map

Price: £30

To book: email Ginny or call 07876 408551.

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