Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Workshop for the Spine

Saturday 1st July 2-5pm

At the Brighton Natural Health Centre

This is the perfect workshop for anyone who suffers with occasional or chronic back ache, neck pain or tension headaches.


Self myofascial release is applied using our body weight on tennis balls and other props. We will target common trigger points – a term used to describe a congestion point in a muscle that refers pain or dysfunction to other areas of the body – leading to discomfort, poor posture and loss of mobility. As such, the myofascial release work will be approached from a whole body perspective.
We will practice a Yin Yoga sequence specifically for the spine. Holding the poses for several minutes each at a moderate depth whilst allowing muscles to relax, places appropriate stress on the fascia and ligaments, helping to restore the strength and pliability of the connective tissue system.
This double sided approach will bring balance into the structure of our bodies and help to prevent pain and injury in the long term.
Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street, Brighton BN1 1UL map
Cost: £28 / £25 conc.
To book: click here to book online via the BNHC website. You can also book in person at the Centre or call 01273 600010.
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