Fundraising workshop:

**online only**

Winter Wellbeing & Immune support: Yin/Yang Yoga & self acupressure

Sunday 17th January 2-5pm

This is a fundraising workshop to help BNHC reach their 40th birthday! Ginny is offering this pro-bono so that all proceeds go to BNHC.

In this workshop we will apply the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine to bring balance to body, mind and spirit and to support our wellbeing during the season of winter amidst these most difficult of times.

Winter, the most Yin of the seasons, corresponds to the water element and is governed by the kidney and urinary bladder organs. Stress management, rest and introspection are vital for nourishing the kidneys – the root of our Jing (essence/life force) Yin/Yang – and to support all other organ systems in TCM.

We’ll begin with pranayama followed by meditation in the form of self enquiry to set an intention that will support us through the coming months. In our Yang practice, we will embody the fluid and reflective nature of the water element, releasing rigidity and fear through softening and allowing. 

A quiet, mindful practice of Yin Yoga poses will be complemented with self acupressure points specifically for the kidneys, immune support, anxiety, insomnia and overall health and longevity. 

After the workshop, Ginny will provide an email handout with supporting notes and additional advice from a TCM lens for winter health and general immune support.

Price: £30 / conc. £27

Book now: online or call BNHC 01273 600010.

Venue: This is an online only workshop and pre-booking is required via the Brighton Natural Health Centre website. Click here to book.

This workshop is suitable for all but some props at home will be helpful. Blankets, cushions & pillows are great if you do not have yoga blocks/bricks or bolsters.

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