Women’s Health Workshops

Saturdays 2nd October & 13th November 2-4.30pm at Brighton Natural Health Centre

Open to all with a female reproductive system during their menstruating years. 

These workshops welcome older teenagers through to pre-menopause students who wish to learn tools and practices for understanding and navigating the monthly cycle with greater ease. 

Ginny’s teachings will draw on her studies of women’s health from an hormonal and physiological viewpoint blended with Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts for a well rounded approach. You’ll learn how to best support each phase of your cycle, including yoga asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and acupressure points. Each phase of the cycle is a pre-cursor to the next, so it is recommended to attend both workshops.

Part 1: 2nd October

This workshop covers the first two phases of the cycle: menstruation and the follicular phase (post menstruation to ovulation).

During menstruation, it’s common that low energy levels or painful periods mean that we skip movement in favour of flopping on the sofa. However, doing so may lead to stagnation in the body which is an imbalanced state, potentially creating the conditions for physical and emotional discomfort in the next cycle. You’ll learn how to work gently with your body during this time with the aim of completely clearing out the endometrium (lining of the uterus) to allow for a ‘fresh start’ in the next cycle. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, it’s important during menstruation to regulate the movement of Qi & Blood.

The follicular phase is governed by the hormone oestrogen which primes the lining of the uterus for this new cycle. In Chinese Medicine, this is a time to nourish the Yin qualities whilst bringing circulation to the tissues of the reproductive system. Introspection, relaxation and gentle movement during this time support Yin, which promotes and creates the monthly cycle.

Part 2: 13th November

This workshop covers phases three and four of the cycle: ovulation and the luteal phase.

During ovulation we shift the focus to sparking the yang! This is important to support the hormonal changes around this time whether you wish to regulate your cycle or are looking to conceive. Yoga will be more movement orientated (yang) to boost circulation throughout the whole body as well as locally to the pelvic area.

The luteal phase covers the days from ovulation through to day 1 (menstruation). Progesterone, which is yang in nature, is now the dominant hormone and we can support it’s activity with a movement based yoga practice to create warmth. In doing so, we help to address stagnation in the body which – if left unchecked – may lead to PMS symptoms and/or painful periods. Practice will be a balanced approach of creating circulation without leaving us depleted. Free and easy movement with a calm approach will soothe body, mind and emotions.

It is not necessary to be in a particular part of your cycle to join these workshops as the aim is to provide you with information and tools that you can take away with you. A handout will be provided.

Note: not suitable for pre- or post-natal; not specific to fertility, perimenopause/menopause. 

Single workshop (part 1 or 2): £28. Both workshops booked together: £50

Venue: Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street, Brighton BN1 1UL. This is an in-person only workshop (no online option). Please bring your own yoga mat.

Book now: online via the BNHC website. Pre-booking is required.

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