Having struggled with ashtanga yoga in the past, I was delighted to find Ginny’s class. As a teacher, she is inspiring, patient and encouraging, providing clear instruction and practical alternatives for poses that are beyond immediate reach! Most importantly, Ginny’s enthusiasm and sense of humour make her classes really enjoyable and good fun, which, for me, has meant that I’m much more likely to stick with ashtanga long-term.

John Scopes

As a newcomer to yoga, I like the relaxed but professional approach to Ginny’s classes, and the one-to-one attention she gives everyone. I tried a couple of different classes to start with and I have found Ginny’s to be the hardest, but the best!


I have been attending Ginny’s ashtanga classes for nearly 2 years. As one of her more mature students – not particularly flexible and carrying many old injuries, I initially found the practice quite challenging. But with Ginny’s patience and close attention I was able to adapt my practice to meet my personal needs, knowing that Ginny would always ensure that my practice was safe and enjoyable. She brought such a personal touch to each practice, knowing all of her students really well and always willing to provide specific input to each of us as we practiced. 2 years on I am now much fitter and more flexible and it is a joy not to be riddled with constant back pain as in the past.

Marianne Phillips

Ginny’s classes are always really invigorating, whatever level you’re at in your yoga practice. She provides excellent guidance, energy and a variety/pace every time with a really friendly approach. Excellent!

Matthew Birch