Vinyasa Flow Yoga

These classes include flowing sequences following the wave of the breath.  We begin by warming up the muscles and joints then explore variations of sun salutions to increase heat in the body.  Standing and seated postures follow – sometimes moving dynamically from pose to pose, other times holding postures for longer.  The classes may follow a theme or build towards a peak posture in such a way that everyone can work towards the more difficult asanas. Sequences and content will vary from week to week, making this a challenging, yet fun class.

Mindful Vinyasa at Yogahaven will begin with a seated mindfulness meditation, inviting our awareness to settle in the present moment with acceptance of whatever arises.  Throughout the flowing vinyasa practice that follows, students will be encouraged to stay mindfully focused on their breath and intentions.

Due to the flowing nature of these classes, they are not recommended for complete beginners, it is recommended that you have an established practice before joining this class.

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